Some drawings

Hey Pals,

So yes, I decided to stalk my brother’s drawings. I also tried to jot down some positive thoughts about what each drawing may tell. It might mean something else to you! Be my partner in crime and let’s explore!


                                                   Inhale the future…Exhale the past.


Keep moving forward like an adorable mouse.


Well, can only think of one thing….life goes on. You caption this.


Keep looking high like the cute Dinosaur (But sadly, was killed by an Asteroid as the theory goes)


Every window opens to great possibilities…


Just watch out.


It’s okay to cry…the sky does it too. Poor Raccoon though.


Guess who?

The worst things in life come free to us.

Drawing Creds : My bro Joy. Thanks to him for his beautiful artwork!

Don’t worry pals…I told my bro about this post just before I pressed the publish button. Hehe.

Keep Smiling !


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