Spring Inspired Butterfly Eye

Hey, Pals!

Yes, longgggg time, no see… I hope all of you’ll are great and enjoying the season of Spring. I know, I am. The vibrant petals of spring blossoms falling like confetti upon the earth are easy to lift anyone’s mood. When I think of Spring, flamboyant colours such as Pink, White, Turquoise spark my mind. So, today, I have a Spring inspired eyeshadow look that can be worn in a slightly quirky fashion.


Accentuate your eyes using the steps below. I had a vivid image in mind which I intended to create and I tried to experiment. I am not a makeup expert.

  • Prime your eyes and put a foundation powder (or any powder) over your eyelids.
  • Draw the outline of a butterfly using a pencil eyeliner at the outer corner of one of your eye.


  • Darken it with a black liquid eyeliner. I used the Maybelline Line refine eyeliner. (Don’t worry about any roughness at this point, you can always clean it at the end)
  • Sweep a white eyeshadow (Nude delight from Tanya Burr’s Hollywood eye palette) inside the outline of the Butterfly and then carry on building different shades of pink. I used the pink shades Cherub and Posy from the MUA spring Break Palette.
  • Try transitioning the pink eyeshadow with a lighter shade at the top and a darker shade at the bottom of the feather.
  • You can leave the spaces blank where you want to fill it in with the black liquid eyeliner.


  • For instance, I used a Pink cream blusher to intensify the colour inside the butterfly and then packed on glittery pink eyeshadow on the top.
  • Then highlight the inner corners of the eyes with white eyeshadow and sweep this colour all over your eyelids. The colour I used was Snowflake from Tanya Burr’s Galaxy eye Palette.


  • Pick brown and purple eyeshadow and blend them just above the socket.
  • Use a darker shade of pink towards the outer corners of your eyes and lighter in between to give it an appealing transition.
  • Returning back to the butterfly, now draw the remaining patterns inside the butterfly and fill it in with the black liquid eyeliner in the required parts.


  • Define your lash line using a pink eye shadow. You may choose to just keep it this way without the Antennae or draw it. Personal preference.
  • Voila! Your funky eye look is complete. You can do the butterfly on only one eye and do the normal pink eye shadow on the other as it could add more aesthetics.

I loved playing with the pink eyeshadows and please don’t forget to leave any suggestions of any eye looks you wish to see next! Is anyone getting Barbie Mariposa déjà vu? You’re welcome.

Apologies for not being consistent and I will try my best to blog frequently. I was bombarded with an abundance of A level English essays, Chemistry tests and so on. Anyone in the same shoe?

Thanks for sticking this long looking at the creepy close-up views of my eye. I salute you!

Happy Springing! P.s. Happy belated Easter!


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