Leopard Inspired Eye

Hey pals!

Here we go again! I have a Leopard eye look inspired by the fur of my coat (faux fur). The Leopard fur fostered the eye look I am about to showcase. This eye look can be worn for occasions such as Halloween, depending upon your costume choice (I know Halloween is so far away) or festivals (one of my bestfriend said she would wear it).


So, let’s go!

– Prime your Eyes and put a powder all over your eyelids.

–  Then, take a brown eyeshadow and blend just above the socket. You can use a bronzer instead of the brown eyeshadow if you want a clearer finish.

– To intensify the eyeshadow above the socket, you can use a black pencil eyeliner to draw a line and then blend it.

– Next, I used Tanya Burr’s Hollywood eye Palette and filled my eyelids with nude delight eyeshadow.

– By using a sharp pointed eyeliner pencil, I drew black Leopard spots randomly and then filled them with gold coin eye shadow from the same palette (it’s not visible in the photos though).

– Then, I used a liquid eyeliner to darken the black outline of the spots I initially drew, and to make them stand out even more.


– I drew a thin wing afterwards but this is completely optional.

– Highlight your waterline, inner eye corners and under brow area using a white eyeshadow. I used the snowflake eye shadow from Tanya Burr’s galaxy eye palette.

– Hurry! Your intricate eye look is complete!

Honestly, this was my first attempt, and it took approximately 5 -10 minutes. So, you can certainly master this eye look yourself!

I understand that it’s not perfect as I am not a makeup expert; just someone who loves to create😊.

May you enjoy May! 😉