Petalled Eye

Bonjour pals!

I hope all of you are fine! It’s summer here and I cannot wait for the holidays to begin. I also wanted to mention that I recently finished reading the novel ‘A Handmaid’s Tale’ by Margaret Atwood. I was not satisfied with the ending. Did anyone feel the same way after reading the novel? I wish to know more about the protagonist but I guess it’s a way of letting the readers imagine the possibilities. I digress.

So, I thought of expressing my admiration for nature through yet another one of my eye looks. This time, it’s flower petals. Let’s start!

  • Start by prepping your eyes as usual. Use a white pencil eyeliner to trace petals at the corner of only one of your eye.

  • Go over it with a blue liquid eyeliner.

  • Fill the petals as well as the eyelid with a white eyeshadow.

  • Then using a black pencil eyeliner, I outlined the petals again so that they can stand out. If you wish, small streaks can be drawn inside the petals to represent a flower of course. You can either keep the eye this way or you can add something else at the corner of your eye. A blue heart sticker.


  • Then on the eyelid, you can either keep it simple by the application of a white/ silver eyeshadow or you can go for the smoky eye look.
  • Although I also admire simplicity, I thought black eyeshadow could make the eyelid more dramatic. Apply a black eyeshadow and keep on blending.
  • Then, add a silvery eye shadow near the inner front corners of your eye as a transition shade.
  • Add the silver eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eye and tidy up any rough edges. The look is complete!

Sometimes embrace the mess you are and keep smiling!

~ Alifia xx

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