Skeleton Makeup Look

Aloha pals! I hope y’all are fantastic and indulging in the joys of this season as much as I am. As Halloween time is here, I thought it would be fun to make the best out of this opportunity. If you know me, I take great delight in creating new looks so this is merely … Continue reading Skeleton Makeup Look

Love your skin

Hey pals, I hope all of you are fine! People often wonder as to how I possess a clear skin and if I’ve ever had any acne. The answer is yes. I have. However, I do try to maintain my skin when I can. I am not a skin expert but I understand that everyone’s … Continue reading Love your skin

Leopard Inspired Eye

Hey pals! Here we go again! I have a Leopard eye look inspired by the fur of my coat (faux fur). The Leopard fur fostered the eye look I am about to showcase. This eye look can be worn for occasions such as Halloween, depending upon your costume choice (I know Halloween is so far … Continue reading Leopard Inspired Eye

Spring Inspired Butterfly Eye

Hey, Pals! Yes, longgggg time, no see… I hope all of you’ll are great and enjoying the season of Spring. I know, I am. The vibrant petals of spring blossoms falling like confetti upon the earth are easy to lift anyone’s mood. When I think of Spring, flamboyant colours such as Pink, White, Turquoise spark … Continue reading Spring Inspired Butterfly Eye

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