Peter Pan in the Starry Night

Hey everyone!😄

Recently, I’ve been working on a new drawing….

I had never attempted to use colour in my art before (well, at least ever since I started drawing in lockdown). This was my take on drawing Peter Pan/Wendy and Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ with a fusion of pencil colours. This drawing sparked a new approach to my artistic style : having more fun while trying something new✨.

Share your thoughts! Hope you have a blessed week ahead 😊!!


Hey everyone!

This week, I have new piece of art for you.

The art convey the theme of liberating yourself from anything holding you back. It can be anything, a person, a thing, an emotion or even your own thoughts/mindset. The dragon is a personification of breaking yourself free from it. Plus, I used to read too many fantasy novels when I was younger and watch too much fantasy so guess you can say, unleashing the fantastical creatures in my mind😂.

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Hope you have a great weekend!


Hey everyone! 😊

I hope you’re keeping well and manifesting meaningful changes in your life. Well, I am sure we all agree that the pandemic was a turning point for most of us, evoking a spectrum of emotions. The most significant thing I have established is that, paradoxically, change is the only constant in our life.

Well, it’s officially summer here in the UK! I recently finished university, got myself a degree in Diagnostic Radiography and thought that it was time that I focus on blogging again because……. I’ve missed this. During the lockdown, I also re-kindled my love for art and music, and I have been reading. A lot. It is interesting how my reading dynamic has changed over the years and wish to share it more here. I created a page to share thoughts/summaries about books if you are interested (reading made easier = saves your time!). On this page, I aim to document key points of the books I have read which contain tools that may help you better yourself as well. However, I strongly advocate that the only way you can improve your life is taking steps to implement them, no matter how small.

I am back, revamped my site which you can check out now.

Share your thoughts!

Stay healthy x